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Knowing How a Boat Handles Can Help Avoid Collisions

“I’ve been piloting boats since before I could walk!”  Maybe so – but no matter how experienced you
may be as a boater, it’s worth paying attention to the handling characteristics of every boat you own or
operate.  Every boat – even boats of the same type, from the same manufacturer – handles differently.
Your own boat responds differently from day to day as a result of weather, current, temperature, load,
and other factors.  (Read more on boat handling)

Falls Overboard Can Be Deadly: Five Tips That Will Help Get You Back In The Boat

ALEXANDRIA, VA, April 9, 2008 – For recreational boaters, a simple fall overboard is the number one boating accident “event” that leads to the most fatalities. The US Coast Guard reports that in 2006, 275 persons died in 721 boating accidents that began with or involved a fall overboard. While some of these accidents involved other factors, being able to quickly get back in the boat - without help – isn’t easy as a BoatUS Foundation test of 11 portable boarding ladders recently found.

Parents To Make Their Kids Wear Life Jackets

*WASHINGTON* The U. S. Coast Guard reminds parents that their children should always wear a life jacket while boating. National SAFE KIDS Week is a perfect time to remember the importance of life jackets, said the Coast Guards Director of Operations Policy, Rear Admiral J.W. Underwood. It is the parents responsibility to keep their children safe when on the water and insisting on wearing life jackets is one of the best ways to do that. Just like you make your kids wear bike helmets, make them wear life jackets. (Read more on kids' safety)

Carbon Monoxide: How You Can Protect Yourself and Others

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas. It is produced when a carbon-based fuel such as gasoline, propane, charcoal, or oil—burns. Sources on your boat include engines, gas generators, cooking ranges, space and water heaters. (Read more on carbon monoxide safety)

Discard Of Old EPIRBs Correctly, Says U.S. Coast Guard

*SEATTLE** -* The Coast Guard received a distress signal from an Emergency Position Indicating Radio beacon, or EPIRB, registered to a boat home-ported in Missoula, Mont. No people were in trouble, but the Coast Guard didn't know that when they first received the signal.  It wasn't long before they discovered the call was a false alarm. (Read more on EPIRBs)


Best Seller - NEW & HOT!

SeaCardsTM Certification Edition

Now just $19.95

Over 450+ Color-Coded
Nautical Flash Cards from basic to advanced. Makes a great gift!

Our 6th Printing - 4th Edition!

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Explore the world beneath you with

The Snake MateTM Deep Water Pro  

High resolution 7" color display, waterproof Sony CCD color underwater

fishing camera - inspection camera, infrared night vision

with 30m (over 98 feet) of waterproof cable!

Professional use or just plain fun - your choice!

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Treader Sport

Treader Pro

Helmet / Rail Cam - Waterproof Action Sports Camera.

Shock-proof for Extreme Sports by Doyle Marine!

Strap on your helmet or mount it on your bike or bow rail - mounts and tripod included.

Underwater, Sky diving, Bike, Ski, Yacht racing - record the action!

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SPOT Satellite Personal Tracker and Messenger

You and your loved ones have peace of mind knowing help is always within reach!

You can check-in, they can track progress, you can request help and you can send an emergency alert.

Very affordable at only 92.88!

SeaCardsTM Certification Edition

Now just $19.95

Over 450+ Color-Coded
Nautical Flash Cards from basic to advanced. Makes a great gift!

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Picnic Backpack with Blanket & Service for 2 or 4

Lightweight, practical and easy to carry - a fully equiped picnic cooler backpack for 2 to 4 includes detachable wine holder, large cooler compartment, matching plates and napkins, large fleece picnic blanket and more.

Show up in style - show up prepared!

Many colors and styles to choose from starting at just $108.95

Service for 2...

Service for 4...

Sling Strap Duffle - just the right size!

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Large Hip Pack

Great for the mountaineer and traveler!

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