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Qi Pack TM Brand Traveler Multi-Function Backup Battery & Jump Starter, charges iphones, smart phone
Doyle Marine
Sale Price $99.95
Retail Price: $189.95

Qi PackTM Traveler +  (Pronounced: Chee Pack)

Multi-Function Backup Battery & Jump Starter!

One backup battery for all your devices!

Charges iphones, smart phones, tablets, laptops and 12v accessories such as car coolers, DVRs!

Comes complete with 12v jumpers for gasoline powered cars and trucks, motorcycles, speedboats, snowmobiles, ATVs and more!!

Includes a bright 3 in 1 emergency LED flashlight with strobe and SOS functions as well! The package includes a tough carrying case, 19 charging tips with cable and a zippered mesh pocket so you don't lose them! Includes both a 110v charger and a 12v charger. The digital reserve display always let you know how much power you have in reserve! Includes a bright 3 in 1 Emergency LED flashlight with Strobe and SOS features as well!

Great for travelers, camping and everyday backup to have on hand in your glove compartment!

This inclusive kit contains 19 charging tips, cables, jumpers and 110v & 12v chargers for the Traverler +.  All in a tough carrying case with strap and a zippered mesh pocket to keep it all in order!

The Traveler will jump start almost any gasoline vehicle - even big trucks!

Keep it in your glove box, on your boat or on the go!

This is a perfect gift for anyone with a phone or car or camper or hiker or pretty much every human on the planet!

If you are planning on attending Burning Man - this is pretty much required tech!

Item # Product ManufacturerPrice
QP-T+ Qi Pack TM Brand Traveler Multi-Function Backup Battery & Jump Starter, charges iphones, smart phoneDoyle Marine $ 189.95
Sale price:$ 99.95

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