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C-MAP MAX AN-M013 - Kamchatka Peninsula-Kuril Island - SD Card
Our Price $225.75
Retail Price: $263.00
Coverage of Kamchatka Peninsula and Kuril Islands in Russia. It covers Provideniya, Anadyr, Agattu Island, Dezhnev, magadan, Pertropavlovsk kamchatskiy, Shelikhovo, Mys Temnyy, Nerpa, Sushchevo, and Sovetskaja-Gavan in Russia. It also covers Fureporo, Moyoro bay, Cape Osaki, Anama Wan, Kitami, Kushiro, Erimo Misaki and Rebun To in Japan.

Item # Product ManufacturerRetail PriceOur Price
17600 C-MAP MAX AN-M013 - Kamchatka Peninsula-Kuril Island - SD CardC-MAP $ 263.00$ 225.75

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